Accepted Papers

Pedro Cabalar, David Pearce and Agustin Valverde:
Minimisation of logic programs
Walter Dean:
On Moschovakis's theory of algorithmic identity
Anastasios Michael Fotinopoulos and Pavlos Peppas:
Connecting Recovery and Iterated Belief Revision
Nikolaos Galatos:
Algebraic and Relational Semantics for Substructural Logics
Hristo Ganchev and Ivan Soskov:
The groups AUT(D') and AUT(De) are isomorphic
Konstantinos Georgatos:
Geodesic Update
Georgi Georgiev:
Quantifiers on equivalence relations in local agreement
Eleni Kalyvianaki:
Locality and its applications in natural language semantics
Svetla Koeva, Tinko Tinchev and Mitko Yanchev:
Decidability of generalized majority logic
Vassilis Kountouriotis, Christos Nomikos and Panos Rondogiannis:
Boolean Grammars and Negation in Logic Programming
Michalis A. Papakyriakou, Prodromos E. Gerakios and Nikolaos S. Papaspyrou:
A Mechanized Proof of Type Safety for the Polymorphic -Calculus with References
Konstantinos Pouliasis and Nikolaos S. Papaspyrou:
Axiomatizing Principia Metaphysica in Isabelle/HOL
Alexander Sakharov:
Classicality as a Property of Predicate Symbols
Alla Sirokofskich:
Census Functions in Weak Arithmetic
Alexandra A. Soskova and Ivan N. Soskov:
Jump spectra of abstract structures
Vladimir Sotirov:
Leibniz's "Calculemus!" at Work
Yiorgos Stavrinos and Anastasia Veneti:
Of kits and molecules
Dimiter Vakarelov:
A recursive generalization of Ackermann Lemma with applications to modal -definability
Anton Zinoviev:
Logical Applications of the Dual Boolean Ring
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